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Spacious is a beautifully designed free WordPress theme from ThemeGrill. Comes with a galore of features so that you can use it for your business sites, portfolios, blogging or any type of sites.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Homepage Slider
  • Custom Menus, Background & Header
  • Custom Page Layouts
  • Custom Widgets
  • Theme Option Panel
  • Translation Ready
  • 100% Free, GPL Licensed

248 Responses to “Spacious”

  1. Abdullah says:

    Sorry just another question how can I remove next and previous post link below the post.

    • Saeed Salam says:

      to remove those, go to Theme Editor, open navigation.php and remove following codes


  2. Gabrielle says:

    When using the TG Services in the business top sidebar, how can I make the images have a clickable link? Thanks!

    • Saeed Salam says:

      Hi there,

      You want that image to have a link to the page it belong to, right? you need to edit theme file to achieve that.

      Open inc/widgets/widgets.php and find following codes

      change it to following-

      let me know whether it worked or not (Untested!)


      • Gabrielle says:

        Hi Saeed, thanks for your reply!
        I open up the editor but cannot find the inc/widgets/widgets.php file to edit. Where can I find this file?

        • Saeed Salam says:

          Hi there,

          You can’t edit that file from your Dashboard, you need to use a FTP client (like FileZilla) or browse via your cPanel.

          By using any method, go to your wp-content/themes/spacious/inc/widgets/widgets.php file.

          hope that helps!

  3. 3lmochilero says:


    Can I insert a button in the header image?

    My header is positioned on top. I want to place a button or linked image, in a specific location, also within that area.

    • Saeed Salam says:


      sorry for the delay.

      if you just want to add a button/image near that header image, you can use “Header Sidebar” widget area. just add the button/image there, and it will be shown in between header image & menu.

      if you want it to be on top of that header image, you need to play with css.

      please do note that, as it’s a responsive theme, you need to style it for every breakpoints. use only if it’s essential!

      hope that helps!

  4. Negsan says:

    Hi Saeed!

    My all work is gone! So I did started agai :///// and my first quesition is could you give me the code (For Custom CSS) for resize the company logo which standing on the left header ?

    I could’nt find the answer if you already answered it, please warn me

  5. Negsan says:

    Hi again!

    My second question is, my website pages are smaller than original one :/// even if I choosed the “Boxed layout with content width of 1218px” from theme options – Design

    What should I do to make the size of the pages as originals ?

  6. Priyanka says:

    I have just started using this theme. I have removed the ‘Read More’ from the slider image. But I want the slider image to link to my article (and not the text that shows up on the image). How do I do that? Thanks in advance.

  7. TGirl says:

    I found out with your help how to change the “Read more” buttons on slider, TG services widgets and blog posts, but how can I change the same thing for TG featured single page?? Thx a lot!

  8. TGirl says:

    OK, solved :)

  9. Schalce says:

    Hi Saeed Salam!! Is it possible to remove the read more button from the home page(slide) of spacious theme?
    Any help will be very appreciated

  10. lisa says:

    This theme is amazing! Am I allowed to use the images/icons you have displayed for the TG: services?

  11. lisa says:

    Hi Saeed,
    Your help to other people has also answered quite a few of my queries so thank you.
    I wanted to ask – how do I centre the business bottom sidebar header?
    Thank you,

  12. Negsan says:

    Hi Saeed!

    Now, I’m preparing another website by Spacious thanks to you. But I have a problem again.

    The primary menu which appears just above the slider is standing so far from the slider. What should I do to make it looking just above the slider ?

    Thank you so much!

  13. Negsan says:

    I have another problem!!! Even if I paste the contact codes to the ‘Contact Page Sidebar’ which is below, the contact information doesn’t appear on the page. What should I do?

    ASTEN Makine Arge Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
    Tel: +90 232 449 76 77
    Fax: +90 232 459 09 99
    Adres: 2822 Sokak No: 32/A 1. Sanayi Sitesi Konak/İZMİR

  14. Hello! I have the free theme and am looking to change the footer of my website from ‘Copyright © 2014 Super+Super Theme by: ThemeGrill Powered by: WordPress’ to just ‘Copyright © 2014 Super+Super Website by Claire Culley Ltd’ – Is it possible to do this in CSS? The free theme doesn’t give you an option to do a childs theme

  15. Hi, really love this theme! Can you tell me how to centralise the widget titles in the footer and the green underline too, can it be done using custom css? Hoping to launch a site in the next few days, would much appreciate your help.


  16. Balaji P says:

    Hi, I am using free theme.

    Can I replace ‘Site Title’ with my personal Logo?
    ‘header.php’ file for Spacious theme has a lengthy code. I am not sure which one I should touch to add my logo.


  17. Dian Akbar says:

    Hi Saeed Salam,

    is it possible if primary menu/header stay on top when I scrool up and down? how can I make it happen? Help me please

    Thank you

    • Saeed Salam says:

      Hi Dian,

      It’s possible. but, there will need to make some tweaks in your theme files. are you okay with basic html/js? if so, do check this fiddle – it will give you an idea.

      hope that helps!

      • Dian Akbar says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        Actually im still new with websites things. I open and read your link, and it exactly what im looking for. But i cant figure it out where to tweak and what code i should put on editor. Will you help me bulid it?


  18. Daniel says:


    Just wondering how i can change the header image size please?

  19. Priyanka says:


    I would like to change the fonts for the post title and body. Title – Roboto Slab & body – Roboto. Both are google fonts. I saw this line of code in the inc/functions.php. wp_register_style( ‘google_fonts’, ‘’ ); Is this where I need to use the url for the new fonts?

    However, I also see a @font-face {
    font-family: ‘Genericons';……

    in the style.css.

    I am confused. What files do I need to edit in order to change the font?


    • Saeed Salam says:


      Sorry for the long delay!

      You can achieve it by both ways, but, as your font is in the Google Web Fonts, using the first method is the best option.

      just change that code in the inc/functions.php to something like following

      then, you need to change the font-family to Roboto or Roboto-Slab from style.css

      Hope you got it, feel free to ask if you have any more queries – i will reply faster :)


  20. Peter says:

    I’m trying to set up my bussiness top side bar and insert images like in the demo (super fast loading, responsive design etc) but when I add TG:Call to action widget to Business Pro…it never shows up on the site.

    I have done what you said in these instructions

    Please help.

    you can see here ( that the three icons that I would like to have does not show.


  21. Frank says:

    Hi Saeed, I am using free theme.
    How can i change the text of the comment module?
    Thank you, Frank

  22. Maxine says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble editing the CSS. When I make a change it doesn’t update.
    Specifically I am trying to edit the .header-post-title-class and increase the size of the text, this is what I changed (font-size from 22px to 40px):
    .header-post-title-class {
    font-size: 40px;
    padding-bottom: 0;

    Could there be something blocking me from doing so? It doesn’t seem like I am able to change any of the CSS. Thanks!

    • Saeed Salam says:

      Hi Maxine,

      Sorry for the delay.

      try adding an !important tag with your new font size,

      let me know whether it worked or not.

      if you can’t change any CSS, there might be some plugin conflicts, try deactivating your plugins one by one.

      P.S : use <pre> tags when you input codes here.


  23. Farai says:

    Hi Saeed Salam
    I want my website to have a professional look. I want to put call to action and also my company portfolio. How do I do it ?

  24. Jonas says:

    Hey, I could really need some help, I’m looking for a way to change the font size of the footer text, the (C) and bloginfo part.

    Best regards

    • Saeed Salam says:


      Just paste following code into your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Design -> Custom CSS

      Change the font-size to whatever you wish!


  25. Karan says:

    My homepage appears as recent Posts page. Even there is no static front page as the layout like this: , which we can opt from in settings-> reading section.

    So, what to do in order to get homepage as exactly like this : . I have configured every widget in the back end. Please help!!

  26. Amber says:


    Your response above was what I was looking for, thank you!

    Two additional questions that relate directly to that same area:

    1. The space between the widgets, text/HTML and search, is quite large, how do I reduce the space?

    2. Is it possible to move that text to the very top of the page on the right hand side? Similar to this:, specifically where the cart icon is?

    Your helpfulness is awesome (I’ve read through the entire comment thread)!

    • Saeed Salam says:


      Thanks for your kind words,

      and for your questions,

      1- there’s a bit of problem with my earlier code, as you can see those links are not clickable, i will give you new code if you plan to use it like that!

      2- to position that text to very top right, change the earlier css to,


      • Amber says:

        I didn’t even notice!

        The script above is so close, but not quite:

        Right now it’s just the text, and not the search box widget. I’d like both of them to be in the absolute right hand corner side by side:

        Contact Us | Blog [Search box] Search

        And I’ve tried playing with the color values but can’t get the right combination.

        I changed the background color to match the rest of the site, however the text (links) disappear. So I changed what I thought was the text color to white, but it only changes the vertical line. I haven’t gone venturing to find out where the link color attribute is, but I don’t want it to affect the entire site. And honestly, I don’t know how to add the link attributes within the script for this widget alone.

        I try things on w3schools all the time, but with this it’s not so easy when working with a widget.

        Thanks for your time!

        • Saeed Salam says:


          Replace current css with following:

          let me know how it went.


  27. Karan says:

    Thanks got hold of it Saeed

  28. Vika says:

    Hej, is it possible to translate i.e. “read more” “archive” or “no comments” into german? most of the “about-words” are in german, but some are not and I cannot make out why this is like that…
    can you help me? that would be nice :)

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