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Onetone is a free one-page WordPress theme aimed for creative professionals or small businesses. Comes with a dark but beautiful design with a responsive layout.


  • One Column Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Theme Options
  • Additional Blog Layout
  • Social Media Icons
  • 100% Free, GPL Licensed

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  1. theme is really good! but there is a problem (overlapping) on the transition between the home and the about us…. shame cause I really like it!

  2. I am using chrome Version 33.0.1750.152

    thanks :)

  3. xiang liu

    very good! i like it.

  4. Hi! Really like this theme. But there´s a problem: The header looks good and has the full widht but the content below doesn´t. Hope there´s a solution for my problem! Thanks!


  5. Rafael Figueiredo

    Very good themes,
    The download link is broken, 404 error.
    Please help me? This is the version 1.1.0?


  6. Pablo

    Hi! This is a great theme! I have one question: where change google fonts?

  7. Awesome Choice Saeed bhai, please allow some more onepage wordpress themes

  8. Isabel


    Nice theme, but it’s not compatible with many browsers! XP – IE7, IE8, Windows 7 – IE8 etc

  9. Amazing theme for my needs. Thanks.

  10. Thomas


    Wonderfull Theme.:!
    i’m trying to validate the page i’m making..

    i get a fail with the link to stylesheet.. it needs a media.. where to i find the link… can’t find it in the header..

    Best Regards Thomas Hansen

  11. florentina

    I need to access to a new page throuh a “home navigation top var” buttom. Anyone knows how to do it ?

  12. Hello,

    Haha, well, I made a mess. How do I simply get the layout of the demo? I can not find the option to set the home page to the full width header? And the option of the section?

    Many thanks!
    Kind regards.

    • I’m sorry, I did find the sections options (appearance – onetone options), but why don’t I see so when I visit the site / how can I activate it? :P

  13. Great theme…but….
    how to disable responsive layout? :S

  14. Ajiibola Rilwan

    This is a wonderful theme, many thanks to the developer and also to everyone who has made it available to the public.

    please I am having a challenge with the contact form how can I link it with my email. Any response regarding this challenge will be highly appreciated.

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