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Onetone is a free one-page WordPress theme aimed for creative professionals or small businesses. Comes with a dark but beautiful design with a responsive layout.


  • One Column Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Theme Options
  • Additional Blog Layout
  • Social Media Icons
  • 100% Free, GPL Licensed

23 Responses to “OneTone”

  1. fran says:

    theme is really good! but there is a problem (overlapping) on the transition between the home and the about us…. shame cause I really like it!

    1. Saeed Salam says:


      what’s the problem with that?

      and, if you want some space between those links, just add following css style.

      hope that helps!

      1. Fran says:

        i am talking about transition..

        Did you designed like this?

        1. Saeed Salam says:

          oops! sorry for that.

          which device/browser are you using? it looks okay here (the demo site).

          and, No, am not the one who developed it, this is just a showcase site, that’s from, you can get support from it’s developer from here –


  2. Fran says:

    I am using chrome Version 33.0.1750.152

    thanks :)

    1. Saeed Salam says:


      am also using Chrome, and it’s working well here.

      it might be easier to solve if you can ask it in the WP forum –


  3. xiang liu says:

    very good! i like it.

  4. Jasper says:

    Hi! Really like this theme. But there´s a problem: The header looks good and has the full widht but the content below doesn´t. Hope there´s a solution for my problem! Thanks!


  5. Rafael Figueiredo says:

    Very good themes,
    The download link is broken, 404 error.
    Please help me? This is the version 1.1.0?


    1. Saeed Salam says:


      Sorry for that, i have updated the download link.

      Thanks for pointing it.

  6. Pablo says:

    Hi! This is a great theme! I have one question: where change google fonts?

  7. manish says:

    Awesome Choice Saeed bhai, please allow some more onepage wordpress themes

  8. Isabel says:


    Nice theme, but it’s not compatible with many browsers! XP – IE7, IE8, Windows 7 – IE8 etc

    1. Saeed Salam says:

      Hello Isabel,

      It will be easier to solve your problem if you ask it to it’s developer, you can reach him here –


  9. Karl says:

    Amazing theme for my needs. Thanks.

  10. Thomas says:


    Wonderfull Theme.:!
    i’m trying to validate the page i’m making..

    i get a fail with the link to stylesheet.. it needs a media.. where to i find the link… can’t find it in the header..

    Best Regards Thomas Hansen

  11. florentina says:

    I need to access to a new page throuh a “home navigation top var” buttom. Anyone knows how to do it ?

  12. Hello,

    Haha, well, I made a mess. How do I simply get the layout of the demo? I can not find the option to set the home page to the full width header? And the option of the section?

    Many thanks!
    Kind regards.

    1. I’m sorry, I did find the sections options (appearance – onetone options), but why don’t I see so when I visit the site / how can I activate it? :P

  13. Kori says:

    Great theme…but….
    how to disable responsive layout? :S

  14. Ajiibola Rilwan says:

    This is a wonderful theme, many thanks to the developer and also to everyone who has made it available to the public.

    please I am having a challenge with the contact form how can I link it with my email. Any response regarding this challenge will be highly appreciated.

  15. Gaurang Goradiya says:

    This is really very best one page responsive theme!

    Only one probelm – Javascript stop functioning after update to version 1.3.8!!1

    Any solution for it?


    1. Saeed Salam says:


      what js functions stopped after the update?

      do deactivate all your plugins, might be a plugin conflict.


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