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Hueman is a free theme that am still find it hard to believe as a free one. it’s really a fantastic wordpress theme aimed for magazine sites. comes with a truly responsive layout and plenty of other awesome features.


  • Stunning Design
  • Several Layout Options
  • Responsive Layout
  • Supports Post Formats
  • Built-in Related Posts
  • Built-in Social Buttons
  • Theme Option Page
  • Translation Ready
  • 100% Free, GPL Licensed

36 Responses to “Hueman”

  1. shawlang says:

    The theme is so wonderful,thank for very much.Just one piece of advice,could the featured catagories be flash or auto slider?

  2. Adil Meo says:

    what a beautiful theme :) thanks

  3. Sir i am facing problem in featured image. featured image which i set does not appears proper photo it gets cut fro upper and lower side and then it is showed so what should i do now???

  4. Sir i did regenerate thumbnails but did not worked at all is there any another way for that. ???

  5. Sir i just mailed you please chech it out……
    Thank you for being such a responsive human!!!

  6. Karl says:

    Thanks for this responsive piece of beautiful.
    Where do I edit Comments section? Nothing I need at comments.php.

  7. Siddhant says:

    Thank you for this theme. It’s cool B).
    However, I am getting some trouble getting it up on my website . My social sharing buttons aren’t showing up.
    Any suggestion?

    • Siddhant says:

      hey, i got it.
      Thanks tho. :)

      • MM says:

        Hi, Siddhant. I’m a blogger from the Philippines. May I know how you worked on that social sharing buttons? (in the left side, right besides “follow”) Been working on it for an hour now but still no luck.

        • Siddhant says:

          Go to your wordpress dashboard < Appearence < Theme Options < Social links. Click on edit button. Give a title to it.
          In Icon Name, click on [view all] below "Font Awesome icon names ". Type the name of the icon you want to select . For example – " fa-facebook" for a facebook icon. Paste the destination link in the "Link" section, where you want to redirect. Select icon colour and you're done.
          Don't forget to click on Save changes.

          Write me again if you need further assistance. :)

  8. Thiruvel says:

    Hi Saleem….

    Its me again.. now having few questions on this template. Is there a way I can add some content above the slider ? If so how ?

    Please help.

  9. Sarath says:

    Hi Sir,
    Can I get the demo content file(.xml).
    It would be so kind of you if you could please provide the link

    Thank You

  10. Thiruvel says:

    Take a look at the website salam, – it comes out good but when I try to autoplay the slider, it says some fatal error. How to fix that ?

  11. Ashmita Dobariya says:

    Any documentation guide or sample xml file ?

  12. This is a very beautiful theme. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Erick says:

    beautiful theme. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Erick says:

    hi sir … i got some trouble
    i want to add a little look to our streaming radio on the top of the menu, can you provide a solution ?? thanks

  15. said says:

    hey there I just want to say thank so much fot that great theme

    I have a question please , how can I put adsense code in the articles and thanks

  16. Shahriar says:

    I am in a little trouble with my blog because I am new in wordpress. There are a slot named social on the left sidebat of my blog but don’t know how to add social links on that slot. Here is my blog. Please help…!

  17. vinodh says:

    I am a regular wordpress user.
    have many domains.
    I couldnt believe that hueman theme is free.
    I saw the theme in a popular news website(india based).
    they use this. i saw the generated code (html) in their website and came to know that they use hueman.
    thanks a lot.

  18. Martin says:

    Hello from Bavaria,
    thank you for this good-looking theme. Just one question: What’s the recommended size for a header image, to keep this responsive.

    Best regards

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